About me

Philippe Jully Photography

"Capturing Moments, Crafting Memories: Your Story Through My Lens"

I tell stories about you, your compagny, your employees. Stories about your success.
Stories about your achievements or the ones your are working on.
Stories with emotions or stories showing leadership and power.
Because you and I want to show your beautiful and inspiring story, I can't wait to capture this momemt.

Let's move forward together!

Your Story Through My Lens

My purpose:

Personal Branding, Corporate and Employer Branding with a special attention on authenticity, capturing people in their environment.

Wanna know my story?

My name is Philippe Jully, I am French and I live in Germany (Münsterland).

What characterizes me:

Personally: Perfectionist – Gourmet – Passionate
Professionally: Integrity – Honesty – Trust


I have riding instructor training, with intensive practice of competition. With a passion for photography and technology.

In 2002 my wife (Swiss) and I moved from France to Germany.

Through our company Planet-Horse, our business is to sell sport horses from Germany to (mostly) the USA, and other countries.


I will naturally get more and more involved in high quality photography as well as video to provide my customers with a breathtaking visual.

At that time, Youtube did not exist yet. I sent all my content by email or download from our website.

Already there, Adobe Photoshop and Première were my best friends 😉

Our loyal customers quickly expressed their wish to put their trust in us and no longer invest their time and money in long, tiring trips. They preferred to buy on photos and videos!

The quality of the photos and videos had to live up to expectations… Very high!

Human beings

At the same time, I was investing more and more in a Fashion/Portrait universe. The human being was becoming more and more important! Pose a model, create a good mood and capture THE Moment!

Communication is a key tool. And if you put the most shy people at ease in front of your camera, you get miracles.


The photography resulting from the revelation of light reflecting on a surface, the mastery of lighting then gives a special meaning to the management of natural and/ or artificial light.

You can enjoy on my more personal site some work on products where lighting plays a key role.


This combination of experiences makes me comfortable in most situations… even the most challenging.

Your portrait in Business or Lifestyle mode – You or your employees in action – Your products, your production machines – Buildings and many other topics …

I adapt, I react, and I manage to capture the best in order to fully fulfill our objectives.